A change of plans…

The man’s gaze moved up from his papers to eye the clock slowly ticking away on the far wall. Tick tick tick tick. He grumbled to himself, making a note of the time. Suddenly the door flew open, and in walked Keairah. She wasn’t quite her put together self this morning. Her burgundy hair was tousled and bed swept, her clothes not nearly as neat, wrinkles scattered along the length her skirt, and she seemed terribly rushed. Keairah slams the door behind her, resting against it to catch her breath. Clearly she had been running.

“You are late,” the man said in a deep voice from his place at the desk. The room echoed as he spoke. He kept his gaze to his work.

“I know. My apologies, master. I lost track of time,” Keairah responds in haste.

“I am in no mood to hear your excuses, Keairah.”

The young woman dropped her head to her chest in defeat. “Yes, master…”

A few moments of silence passed. She was still propped against the door of the darkened room. But by now she had calmed and caught her breath. Realizing her state, she made quick work to comb her fingers through her hair.

“You were with that paladin again, weren’t you?” The man asked, still in his place at the desk and bent over the numerous papers.

Keairah reddened slightly in her face, an unusual reaction for her. She thought he wouldn’t be able to notice and quickly straightened her back to done her confident pose.

“What makes you say that?” moving across the room, flipping her hair from her shoulder.

“Do not play coy with me, girl. I am not one of your many conquests that you can manipulate so easily,”  he snapped. Even in the dark Keairah could see him turn his gaze towards her. “I am aware of all you do. Do -not- forget that.” His steely gaze fixed on her to emphasize his point. The man then went back to his papers, setting aside the first one of many.

“Yes, master. I am sorry if I disple-” She was quieted by the lifting of a wrinkled hand.

“Tell me. What is your intention with this young man?”

Keairah finds a chair at a nearby desk. She pulls it aside to settle lightly into it, crossing her legs at the knee. A musical laughter filled the air.

“Intentions? Please. My intentions with him are the same as any other man.”

The man hmmphed from his place at the desk. “Is that so? You spend a great deal more time with them than any of the others.” He slowly sets aside another finished paper.

She whips her gaze towards him. “And? What’s your point?” Her velvety voice taking on a rather defensive tone.

In the darkness, the man smiled. He set aside his quill, and shuffled his papers a few times.

“Well? What did you mean by that?” Keairah snapped at him as he failed to answer her question. “Answer me!”

With out warning, the man pushed away from the desk, and suddenly the room lit up in brilliant orange and green light. Before Keairah was even aware of what had happened a wrinkled, yet extremely strong hand, was at her throat. She was pinned against the desk she had sat at.

“Never take that tone with me! Do you understand me, girl? I could rip out your throat with the effort it would take to pluck a rose from the bush.” He took his free hand to run it over her throat then down across her chest. One by one he plucked open the buttons of her robe. Aged fingers slid inside the opening of her robe to teasingly caress the soft skin that lay beneath. Her chest rose and fell with her gasping breath as his hand still held tight against her throat. “You were always my favorite pupil. So manipulative. So powerful.” His hand slid beneath the fabric of her robes to grab at her chest firmly. “So beautiful…” Hungry eyes traveled over her form. He then released her.

Keairah slid to the floor, coughing for air and grabbing her throat. She leaned against the desk to catch her breath and to gather her composure. The man, however, was now completely calm and returned to his place behind the desk. He laced his fingers together as he addressed her.

“Now then. Where were we? Ah, yes… the paladin. You were going to tell me what your intentions with him were.”

Eventually, Keairah rose to her feet. She dusted off the skirt of her robes, and buttoned her bountiful chest back into the confines of her top. With a clearing of her throat, she answered the question.

“Well, it started out with the same intentions as any of the others. Temporary at best.” She paused as her gaze fell away from the man to look into the darkness. “Plans have changed.”

Through the dark the man grinned at her. “I shall be watching closely to see how things develop between the two of you. This… interest you have in him as piqued my curiosity. I have no doubt it will be entertaining.” His voice oozed with sarcasm and malice, but his words did little to shake Keairah’s resolve. She knew of his manipulative ways.

“Do what you will with me, but I warn you. Harm him and you shall feel my wrath. Master or not. I will not tolerate you meddling in my affairs.”

He chuckled at her and waved a hand. “You have my word, girl. Now go. I have no need for you today.”

Keairah nodded then curtsied to him. “Good day, master…” Her dark eyes burned at him before she turned to take her leave.

His malicious and lustful gaze watched her swaying hips exit the chamber. “This shall be quite interesting, indeed.”


Change on the wind…

She sat there on the edge of the bed more than ready to have him. In her comfortable state of seduction. Offering lustful glances and saying all the right things to him. Then suddenly and without warning it all changed. In her frustration she sat listening to him pour his heart out to her, letting her into the darkest parts of his past. Normally such things never interested her. She sat quietly while he spoke to her of the horrors from long ago.

Something in her was sparked. A hint of interest and concern for him. Never had she felt such a thing about anyone. No one in her life mattered more than herself. Selfish is what she is. Others’ affairs were not something she ever cared for, yet his… she listened intently. The desire to wrap her arms about him, to comfort him grew as the moment passed. The feeling was confusing. It was so strange. She would not dwell on those feelings, but she couldn’t help but wonder why this man had managed to instill such a surge of emotion in her.

It would pass. Like a cool breeze in the sweltering heat it would shortly pass. She was sure of it. These feelings for this man would not linger after she had acquired from him what she desired. It was only a matter of time.

The Troll and the Shadow

She walked into the tavern. The keep and the attending barmaids pay her little mind.  They dare not bother her. It was obvious to anyone, even a common person, what she was. A walking shadow with full curves and a wicked heart that did not match her appealing body.

With swaying hips and a confident bounce in her step, she took a seat at her usual table. This is where she came to hide away from the rest of the city. Dalaran was boring to her. Nothing but heroes and Light worshipers. She had little need for their type. The kind of company she would prefer would be someone she could make use of. Be it for political reasons, for money, or for the fun of it. The power she could hold over them is what fueled her. Power is what fueled her.

Their eyes met. She knew immediately that he could be of use to her. With the allure of a siren that would drag sailors to their deaths at sea, she lured him over to her table. And like a hungry dog follows the scent of his next meal, the troll took the bait. It wasn’t long before they would leave the tavern to return to the suite she occasionally rents for such things. He was playing right into her little game. Oh how she could manipulate them. How easily they fell for a pretty face and a full chest.

The sun began to set on their day. Night had not yet fallen, but the shadow was already enveloping this troll. Her fingers wrapped about him, her legs twining with his, a mouth pressed to the other.  The poor soul. If only he knew what he was walking into. By the time he would realize his mistake it would be too late. Her grip on him would be so tight that it would threaten to strangle him.

Run, little troll, and free yourself from this shadow. Return to the Light where it’s safe. This woman will drag you into the darkness.